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Centralised Training Institutes of the Indian Railways

The Indian Railways is the largest civilian employer in the world at approximately 1.6 million employees. 1200 officers form the line and staff management organization. The training of all the cadres is entrusted and shared between six Centralized Training Institutes.

The Institutes are:

  1. Indian Railway Institute of Transportation Management, Lucknow for officers of the Traffic department
  2. Indian Railway Institute of Civil Engineering, Pune for civil engineers,
  3. Indian Railway Institute of Signal and Telecommunications Engineering, Secunderabad for engineers of S&T department,
  4. Indian Railway Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering & Jamalpur Gymkhana, Jamalpur for  mechanical engineers
  5. Indian Railway Institute of Electrical Engineering, Nasik for Electrical Engineers,
  6. RPF Academy, Lucknow for officers of the Railway Protection Force and
Railway Staff College, Vadodara functions as the apex training institute for the officers of all departments in general and Accounts, Personnel, Stores and Medical departments in particular.     Centralized Training Academy of Railways Accounts, Secunderabad functions as Financial and Managerial Training and Research Academy for Accounts Department in particular.


  1. Hi I have completed my bachelors is it possible to do any course in the above institutes

    1. yes u can do management course from irt

    2. you done diploma in management from IRT

  2. when will rrb ald ntpc result declared


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