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Integral Coach Factory, Chennai-600038

Integral Coach Factory, Chennai-600038, is a premier Production Unit of Indian Railways manufacturing railway passenger coaches. ICF is the first of its kind to be established after Independence for the manufacture of light weight, all steel and all welded Integral railway passenger coaches. The factory was set up in 1955 with Swiss collaboration.

As milestones in this endless travel, ICF has obtained the ISO: 9001, ISO: 1400, ISO: 18001 and Golden Peacock Eco-Innovation Award-2012 certificates for the QMS, EMS and OHSAS systems respectively.

All this has been made possible through ICF’s commitment to progress and improvement with its dedicated workforce functioning in a contented atmosphere in pleasant surroundings and working conditions. Several welfare schemes like staff quarters, adequate clean water supply, improved medical facilities, online information kiosks, issue of pass centrally, encouragement in sports activities, etc.,

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