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Recruitment Against Cultural/Scouts and Guides Quota.Instructions

Instructions issued from time to time on the above subject have now been consolidated below for the information and guidance of all concerned.

1.The annual quota for recruitment on Cultural-cum-Scouts and Guides has been fixed by this Ministry on the Zonal Railways and Production Units as below:

(a) Cultural activities:  Group 'C' 4 per Railway per year.
(b) Scouts and Guides :Group ' C' 4 per Railway per year.
Group 'D': 1 per Production Unit per year & Not more than 2 per Division per Railway.
2 per Production Units per year

2. Powers for recruitment of Scouts and Guides in Group 'D' may be delegated to the Divisional Railway Managers by the General Managers.

3.The following qualifications/conditions would apply for recruitment of Scouts/Guides to Group 'C' and Group 'D' posts:
i. A President's Scout/Guide/Ranger/Rover, OR Himalayan Wood Badge Holder, OR A pre-HWB Trained Scout Leader/Advanced Trained Guide Leader/Captain
ii. Should have been an active member of a Scouts Organization for at least 3 years in the recent past and continued to be active
iii. Should have attended at least one event at national level and/or two events at State level; OR Should have a good record of participation in Scouts/Guides activities at Unit/District level.
iv. Should fulfil necessary conditions regarding age, qualification, etc. for Class III/Class IV appointment, as per the extent Rules.
v. Written declaration may be obtained from the candidate that he/ she will serve the Scout/Guide movement in the event of his/her selection.

4. Applications may be called for from those who fulfil the above qualifications with necessary certificates and separate tests conducted for Group 'C' and 'D' selections separately, if he/she so desires.

5. The General Managers may relax the age limit while making recruitment against Cultural/ Scouts & Guides quota.

6.While filling up the vacancies in Scouts/Guides cells, preference should always be given to persons who have sufficient training and experience in this field. With this end in view, suitable staff may also be sponsored for undergoing training programmes chalked out by the National Headquarters of the Bharat Scouts and Guides.

7.This Ministry have no objection for the recruitment of more Scouts and Guides, if suitable persons are available, within the overall ceiling limit for Cultural-cum-Scouts and Guides quota.

a. While referring to this Circular, the original letters referred to herein should be read for a proper appreciation. This circular only a consolidation of the instructions issued so far and should not be treated as a substitution to the originals. In case of doubt the original circular should be relied upon as authority.

b. The instructions contained in the original circulars referred to have only prospective effect from the date of issue unless specifically indicated otherwise in the concerned circular. For dealing with old cases, the instructions in force at the relevant time.

c. If any circular on the subject, which has not been superseded, has not been taken into consideration while preparing this consolidated letter, the said circular, which has been missed through oversight should be treated as valid and operative. Such a missing circular, if
any, may be brought to the notice of the Railway Board.

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