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1All of the following are complications of anticholinergic drugs, except:
2For a patient with chronic branchitis, the nurse expects to see the major clinical symptom(s) of:
3What should the senior nurse do to ensure that the situation in question 82 does not arise again?
ensure by the use of feedback that the nurse will give an accurate message
4Heart transplant patients have a 5 year survival rate of
5A patient is admitted for an excisional biopsy of a breast lesion. The nurse should do all of the following except
counsel the patient about the possibility of losing her breast,
6Which of the following is commonest in adolescence
Catatonic Schizophrenia
7In Marchiafavas disease, lesion lies in:
Corpus callosum and optic tract
8First fetal movement felt by the mother is called
9The nurse knows that Sandys diagnosis was Probably confirmed by a(n)
lung scan
10Most important affective disturhance in schizophrenia is
11Defense mechanisms were put forward by
12Best treatment for Lithium-induced tremor is
13Which of the following satement is true?
listening is a skill which can be efficiently taught
14First psychotropic drug to be used in schizophrenia was:
accelerate uterine contraction
15The clear watery fluid secreted in the breast during 1 - 3 days of postnatal period is called
16Which drugs are implicated in plastic anemia?
All of the above
17Contra indications to breast feeding are, except
Mother with URI / LRI
18Paramnesia is
Falsification of memory by distortion of recall
19It is said that religion has done great disservice to society. Which of the following is not a dis - service caused by religion.
enhancing self importance
20All are true about temporal lobe epilepsy, except:
3 per sec spike & wave pattern in EEG
21A nurse is assigned to care for a patient whose abdominal wound- is healing by second intention. The nurse expects -to observe
necrotic material with peripheral granulation tissue
22Viruses are infectious agents that
do all of the above
23Home care visits are made by nurses who work for
all of the above type of agencies
24In marasmus, the fat to be used up last, is that of
buccalfat pad
25The posterior fontanelle closes by
6 weeks after birth
26In fetal blood circulation the. shunt between pulmonary artery and descending aorta is
ductus arteriosus
27Crucifix is the symbol of
28Which of the following statements brings our correct distination between mores and folkways
folkways are the recognised ways of behaviour and acting in society which arise automatically within a group to meet the problems of social living and when the folkways take on a philosophy of right living and a life policy of welfare there they becom
29Which of the following describes best the measure of time one has lived?
chronological age
30The factors which are important for successful, lactation are, except.
supplementary feeding
31Treatment for the incompetent cervix is
shirodkar operation
32This hierarchy is often pictured as a
33If aggression is described as an instinct or a frustration produced drive, which of the following theories best describes it?
psycho analytical theory
34Which of the following metabolite can help in selection of correct antidepressant medication?
35Algophobia is dread of :
36Theresa is expected to respond to antibiotic
between 1 and 2 days
37All of the following can cause dementia, except.
Sydenhams Chorea
38HbF level can be increased by use of:
All of the above
39Treatment of choice for Petit mal seizures is
40Percentage of brain weight in relation to body weight is about.

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