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Railway RPF/RPSF Constable Exam Papers some Questions

1. Which state has the lowest per capita income in India? - Bihar

2. ´Flame of the forest´ refers to - A forest full of trees which burst with red flowers during autumn

3. Paditrupathu (Ten Tens) deals mostly with the history of - The Cheras

4. Diamond is chemically - Pure carbon

5. One of the pandemic diseases is - Influenza

6. What is the maximum age for election to the office of the President? - No limit

7. The Prime Minister is the chairman of - The Planning Commission

8. An object weighs maximum in - Vacuum

9.  Content of carbon is minimum in - Wrought iron

10. The Main objective of TRYSEM was - To train rural youth for self employment

11. In India, new Ass India Service can be created - By the Parliament

12. In which part of India does Saffron grow - Jammu and Kashmir

13. The Indian Federal System is modeled on the Federal System of - Canada

14. ´Who did not participate´ in the revolt of 1857? - Bhagat Singh

15. Marsh gas, formed from decaying organic matter and in coal mines, is - Methane

16. Value-added tax is - An ad-valorem tax on domestic final consumption collected at all stages between production and the point of final sale

17. The exports of India - Are spread over several commodity groups

18. Moist tropical evergreen forests are found in - The Shillong Plateau

19. Who controls the activities of indigenous bankers? - None of these

20. Adhoc Judges can be appointed in the Supreme Court - By the Chief Justice of India with the Prior consent of the President

21. Meera Seth Committee was related to - Development of Handlooms

22. All acids contain the element - Hydrogen

23. The boundary between India and Pakistan was demarcated by - Sir Cyril Radcliffe

24. Which one of the following has since ceased to be a Fundamental Right? - Right to property

25. The heaviest among the inner planets is the - Earth

26. During the Sangam Age which of the following dynasties was not in power? - Pallavas

27. Chairman of Tax Reform committee was - Raja Chelliah

28. Finance Commission is appointed by the President under Article - 280 of. constitution

29. Heavy water -   Contains deuterium in place of hydrogen

30. Foot and mouth disease occurs in - Cattle, sheep and pigs

31. Iron pipes are often coated with a layer of zinc to prevent corrosion. This process is termed - Galvanization

32. Unix, DOS, Windows are examples of - Operating systems

33. Railway Budget in India was separated from general budget in - 1924-25

34. A solar eclipse occurs when - The moon comes between the sun and the earth

35. The National Development Council is mainly concerned with - Approval of five-year plans

36. A steel ball floats on mercury because - The density of mercury is higher than that of steel

37. Which of the following would be most suitable for making an electromagnet? - Soft iron

38.Synthetic detergents are - A mixture of sodium salts of aromatic and diphatic sulphonic acids

39. The Saka era began in the year - 78 AD

40. When the East India Company was set up India’s ruler was - Akbar


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