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Indian Rail at a Glance general knowledge

  • Beginning of railway-In England. 1825. D At present. diesel engines are manufactured in 3 Two companies were established to develop railways in lndia
     (i) East India Railway I3 First locomotive factory was set up in Company.
     (ii) Great Indian Peninsula Rail- Chittaranjan of West Bengal.
  • Afterwattls, an another company was also set up-Madns Railway Company.  
  • Indian Railway started on 16 April, 1853. First train covered a distance of 34 km between Mumbai and Thane. This train was run by Great Indian Peninsula company of Central Railway. 
  • The name of firs! rail engine was Beauty. 
  • There were 400 passengers. in four-wheeler. I4 bogics of the first train  
  • IN 1854. second lrainran between Hoogly and Howrah.
  • In the first stage. railway was run by private sector. since Indian British Government did not have fund.
  • Lord Salisbury had issued three instructions regarding construction and expansion of Indian railways in the states.
  • Guarantee system in railway started in 1882. First electrified train run on 5 February. I925.
  • Railway was nationalised in I950. 
  • Railway Board was set up in 1905 during the period of Lord Curzon.
  • At present. there is provision of a chairman. one finance commissioner and five mambers in the Railway Board.
  • First diesel engine in India run in 1957.
  • At present. diesel engine: are manufactured in Varanasi.  
  • First locomotive factory was set up in Chittaranjan of West Bengal. This Industrial coach factory was based on the model of Switzerland
  • The name of first electric train was Deccan Queen. which ran between Pune and Mumbai.
  • In I929. it ran between Pune and Kalynn. 
  • New name of this train is Royal Oriental Express.
  • Indian Railway is the biggest in Asia and second in the world.  
  • India is the only country in the world which has rails of different breadths.
  • Main Railway factory  
   (A) Integral Coach Factory-Perembur (Chennai).  
   (B) Rail Coach Factory-Knpurthala.  
   (C) Wheel and Axle Plam-Bangnlore.  
   (D) Diesel Component Works-Patiala.  
   (E) Diesel Locomotive-Varanasi 
   (F) Chittarnnjan Locomotive Works- Chittarnnjan

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