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INDIAN RAILWAY GENERAL KNOWLEDGE Important topices for all exam's

  • Biggest Yard of India - Mugulsarai (U.P.). 
  • Biggest railway crossing of India- ltarasi (M.P.)
  • First rail auditor-Lt. Col. Chesney. 
  • Beginning of AC. Coach in India-In 1936.  
  • Beginning of Fairy Queen - ln I855.  First electrical engine of India Mahalakshmi.  
  • Name of first private train-Deccan Queen. 
  • Second private train-Palace-on-Wheel. 
  • First railway postal service in lndia-I907. 
  • The longest distance train in India « Himaagar Express (from Jammu Tawi to Kanyakumari. 3726 Ian.) 
  • Super fast train of narrow gauge.-Pink City Express (Delhi-Jaipur) 
  • Beginning of insurance in railway 1 April. 1994. with the name ‘train passenger insurance scheme.
  • Name of the insurance company-United. India Insurance Company.
  • Biggest railway station of India- Kharagpur. 
  • oldest and largest railway station of India- Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (Mumbai)
  • Biggest railway rivet bridge of India-Abdul- wari bridge. Arrah ( Bihar ).  
  • Railway station on maximum height -Jhum (Darjeeling).  
  • First rail museum in India - New Delhi.  
  • The biggest diamond crossing of India- Dhanbad (Jharkhand).  
  • First computerized railway reservation of India -New Delhi.
  • First rail-bus service in India -Metratapur. Rajasthan (12th October. 1994: its speed was 80 km/h. Total number of passengers was 71. including driver. among whom-I5 were standing.)
  • First rail minister of India - Asaf Ali.
  • First woman rail driver of India -Mumtaz Kathwala.
  • There is no railway line in Meghalaya. Lakshadweep. Sikkim. Andaman and Nioobar Islands. Dada: and Nagar Haweli.
  • First rail agent-Sir Roland Mcganal stephen
  • First person who got the train reserved- Jamashedji G. G. Bhai.
  • Sub-urban trains- Electrical trains which connect metropolitan cities like Mumbai. Chennai and Kolkata to their neighboring sub-urban cities.
  • Railway budget was separated from the general budget since 1924-25.
  • Rail budget is presented by the railway minister. a few days before the general budget.
  • Mrs. Indira Gandhi had started Metro rail (underground rail or tube rail) scheme in 1972. Now metro nil is well developed in Kolkata. It started on 27 September. 1995. Its total length is 16-45 km. Professional metro rail line continues from Dumdum to Belgachchia
  • Railway minister. Lalu Prasad Yadav presented the rail budget for the maximum number of times. that is. continuously six times..
  • Hazarat Nizamuddin was the first railway station of India. the maintenance of which was handed over to a private company-The J.K.tyres
  • There is no first class compartment in Janta Express
  • Bandra (Mumbai) was the first railway station of the country. where a Private company was authorized to display the advertisement.
  • Indian Railway started uni gauge scheme in I992. Under this plan. narrow gauge and meter gange rail lines are to be convened into broad gauge.
  • The trains running between India and Pakistan are ‘Samajhota Express‘ and “Thar Express.
  • Maitri Express is running between India and Bangladesh.
  • Shatabadi Express started in 1988 on the occasion of Pt. Nehru‘s birth centenary. The first Shatabadi Express run between Delhi and Bhopal.
  • Railway staff college is situated in Varodara.
  • Before Independence. maximum development  of railway in India took place during 1900 - 1914. Viceroy Lord Curzon played significant role in development of railway.
  • Rail-fare tribunal started functioning in March. I924.
  • Fairy Queen. running on the main nil road. is the oldest locomotive of the world. ‘Thompson and Hevypson Company of Britain has manufactured this locomotive for East India Company. This train runs between Delhi Cam! and Alwar. There me 60 seats in the train.


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