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INDIAN Railway Engineering Department Promotion from Group ‘C’ to Group ‘B’

Objective Questions on Track Machines

(1) What is the gauge of Auxiliary Track for working of PQRSs?
(A) 3400 mm (B) 3700 mm
(C) 3000 mm (D) 1676 mm
(2) How many on On-Track track machines can work in a block section at a
time as per subsidiary rule?
(A) One (B) Three
(C) Five (D) Four
(3) Which machine is not a relaying machine:
(A) T-28 (B) TRT


(4) What shall be the minimum safe distance between track machines when
moving in the block section in convey?
(A) 50 m (B) 180 m
(C) 120 m (D) 200 m
(5) As per IRTMM, the auxiliary track for PQRS working can be higher than
the existing track by not more than:
(A) 40 mm (B) 50 mm
(C) 25 mm (D) 10 mm
(6) The size of wooden battens for loading PSC sleepers on special BFRs for
TRT working shall be
(A) 50 mm X 50 mm (B) 75 mm X 75 mm
(C) 100 mm X 100 mm (D) None of the above
(7) Maintenance tamping of track during summer season shall not be done
when the rail temperature is more than:
(A) td (B) td+5
(C) td + 10 (D) td – 5
(8) What shall be the distance between two track machines during working in
a block section?
(A) 50 m (B) 120 m
(C) 90 m (D) 180 m
(9) What is the minimum cushion of clean ballast is recommended for proper
functioning of tamping machines?
(A) 50 mm (B) 75 mm
(C) 100 mm (D) 150 mm
(10) Recommended tamping (squeezing) pressure for PSC sleeper track,
(A) 90 – 100 Kg/ (B) 100 – 110 Kg/
(C) 110 – 120 Kg/ (D) 120 – 130 Kg/
(11) The tamping tools shall be replaced when the sectional area of the tool
blade is reduced by
(A) 15% (B) 20%
(C) 25% (D) 30%
(12) What are the main functions of tamping machines?
(A) Correction of Alignment (B) Correction of longitudinal
(C) Packing under sleepers (D) All of above
(13) Which small track machine is not required for doing welding of rails in
(A) Hydraulic Rail Bender (B) Double Action Weld
(C) Rail Profile Grinder (D) Rail Cutting Machine
(14) What is the capacity of non-infringing track jacks normally used for track
(A) 8 T (B) 9 T
(C) 10 T (D) 12 T
(15) What are advantages of using Dynamic Track Stabilizer machine
(A) Achieving Spatial Force to (B) Regaining the resistance
free consolidation lateral displacement
(C) Relaxing the speed Restriction (D) All of above.
(16) What is recommended squeezing time for maintenance packing
(A) 0.2 sec to 0.4 sec (B) 0.4 sec to 0.6 sec
(C) 0.6 sec to 0.8 sec (D) 0.8 sec to 1.0 sec
(17) What shall be the ramp gradient before closing the tamping work and
obligatory point?
(A) 1 in 600 (B) 1 in 800
(C) 1 in 1000 (D) 1 in 1500
(18) Two insertions during tamping of concrete sleepers and required for lift
more than
(A) 10 mm (B) 30 mm
(C) 50 mm (D) 75 mm
(19) After one round of tamping along with DTS after deep screening, the
traffic can be resumed with speed restriction of:
(A) 30 KMPH (B) 40 KMPH
(C) 60 KMPH (D) 75 KMPH
(20) Which machine is used for turnout renewals:
(C) T-28 (D) RAIL-VAC
Answers: - 1-B, 2-C, 3-D, 4-C, 5-B, 6-B, 7-C, 8-A, 9-D, 10-C, 11-B, 12-D, 13-A, 14-A,
15-D, 16-B, 17-C, 18-B, 19-B, 20-C.
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