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Promotion from Group ‘C’ to Group ‘B’ Indian Railway solved papers

3.Objective Questions P & D,SOD

1. In which category suburban stations have been
included as per categorization of station for
passenger amenities?

2. What is the norms for booking facilities (no of
counters) for a ‘A’ category station as per minimum
essential amenities?

3. What is the maximum height above rail level of end
loading platform for BG?

4. What is the full form of IVRS?
Interactive voice Response system.

5. What is the criteria for a ‘D’ category station?
Passenger earnings between Rs.1/crore and Rs.3/crores per annum.

6. What is the minimum distance of a 3-meters high
building on passenger platform from centre of

7. In how many categories stations have been
categorized from passenger amenities point of
6 categories i.e. A,
B, C, D, E & F.

8. What is minimum horizontal distance from centre of
track to any structure from rail level to 305 mm
above rail level for BG in station yard?

9. What is maximum and minimum horizontal distance
from center of track to face of passenger platform
coping for BG?

10. What is maximum height above rail level for lowlevel
passenger platform for BG?

11 What is minimum horizontal distance of any
telegraph post measured from the center of track at
right angles to the nearest track for BG?
The height of post+ 2135mm

12 What is the Plinth area of type-III Quarter?
55.75 sq. m.

13. What is minimum no. of urinals required for 100
persons in a office building as per IRWM?
4 Nos.

14. For what the word “SRSF” stands for?
Special RailwaySafety Fund.

15 Name the plan head under which construction of a
health unit can be sanctioned?
Plan head 52:Amenities forstaff

16. In how many volumes works programme is
5 Nos.

17. In how many days soffit formwork to beams can be
7 days

18. What is minimum distance from center line of track
to duty hut at L-Xing?
6.0 m

19 What is the characteristic compressive strength of
150mm cube at 28 days of M20 concrete?
20 N/mm2

20. What is recommended gradient in station yard?

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