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Promotion from Group ‘C’ to Group ‘B’ INDIAN Railway Objective Questions Engineering Department

A] Fill in the Blanks:
1. Dynamic gauge in BG is 1750 mm .

2. Maximum super elevation for BG, group ‘A’ route under normal conditions is
165 mm .

3. Maximum degree of a curve, permitted on a plain BG track is 10 o .

4. Maximum values of normal cant deficiency prescribed for BG, A & B groups is
75 mm.

5. The maximum size of track ballast is 65 mm.

6. Minimum depth of ballast cushion below the bottom of sleeper at the rail seat
should be 300 mm on BG group A route.

7. Centre to centre spacing (maximum) of wooden sleepers on fish plated BG track
is 30 cm .

8. Centre to centre spacing (maximum) of wooden sleepers on fish plated BG
track, between joint sleepers and first shoulder sleeper is 61 cm.

9. Sleeper density for group ‘A’ route with traffic density more than 20 GMT is
1660 sleepers per kilometer.

10. The permissible speed, for 1 in 8 ½ symmetrical split with curved switch on BG
track, is 30 kmph .

11. Speed in excess of 15 kmph should not be permitted on turn in curves laid with
wooden sleepers.

12. SWR shall not be laid on curves sharper than 500 metres radius in both BG and

13. The lubrication of ERCs and insert should be done once in a year in corrosion
prone areas and platform lines and once in two years in other areas.

14. For all bridges, in case of LWR track, full ballast section, as specified in LWR
Manual should be provided upto 100 metres from the abutments.

15. Flange-way clearance of BG turnouts between running rail and check rail at
nose of crossing is 48 mm (maximum) and 44 mm (minimum).

16. Throw of the switch of BG turnouts is 115 mm (maximum) and 95 mm

17. There are special chairs provided behind the heel of switch to give a suitable
ramp to the tongue rail, which is raised by 6 mm at the heel.
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