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Promotion from Group ‘C’ to Group ‘B’ Northern Railway

Question Bank of Objective Questions
Objective Questions                                                   Engineering Department

1) Lubrication of ERC and inserts in corrosion prone areas and platform line is
done once in a ________.
2) Minimum rail section recommended for section having traffic more than
20GMTs is _____.

3) The rail dolley shall be protected by a flagman at a distance of _____metre on
BG from the rail dolley, on a double line in the direction from which train may
4) Permanent closure in running lines for locations such as 500 metre length on
both side approaches of tunnels, tunnel proper, major and important bridges
including bridge proper, deep cuttings and high embankments should not be
less than______ in length, between two adjoining fish plates.
5) Distance block to platform line are fixed at centre to centre distance of
6) Points & Crossing is laid at a cant of
i) 1 in 20
ii) 1 in 10
iii) 1 in 15
iv) NIL
7) Minimum permissible vertical wear on nose of a 52 kg CMS crossing on
Rajdhani route is
i) 6mm
ii) 8mm
iii) 10mm
iv) 12 mm
8) Minimum radius of curves for BG track is______.
9) Minimum height above rail level for high passenger platform is _________.
10) Maximum grade in station yard is ______.
11) Minimum speed restriction to be imposed for Track renewal is
i) Stop dead &10Kmph
ii) 10 Kmph
iii) 15Kmph
iv) 20 Kmph
12) Vertical wear permissible for 60kg/90UTS. rails is ________.
13) Permissible wear of web & foot of rail due to corrosion is ________.
14) Service life in terms of total GMT carried for 52 kg. 90 UTS rail is______
15) Permissible variation of sleepers to sleeper spacing is ______.
16) Normal life of detonators is
i) 5 years
ii) 10 years
iii) 7 years
iv) 6 years.
17) Maximum distance apart of trolley refuges on bridges with main spans of 100metre
or more is
i) 50 mtr
ii) 100 mtr
iii) 200 mtr
iv) a refuge over each pair .
18) Permissible vertical wear for tongue rail of 52kg. lefthand fanshape curved switch is
19) Permissible creep in track is
i) 50 mm
ii) 100 mm
iii) 125 mm
iv) 150 mm.
20) Maximum distance covered in a day by a Patrolman should not normally exceed
i) 2 km.
ii) 5 km.
iii) 10 km.
iv) 20 km .
21) In case of 52 kg CMS Crossing dimension to be deducted (to account for slope
in casting of wing rail to 1:20 cant) from the observed wear measurements to
find out the actual wear is ______
1) Year 2) 60 kg 3) 1200 meter 4) 11 meter 5) 30
6) NIL 7) 8 mm 8) 175 meter 9) 760 mm 10) 1 in
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Northern Railway
Objective Questions Engineering Department
11) 20Kmph 12) 13 mm 13) 1.5 mm 14) 525 GMT 15) ±20
16) 7 years 17) a refuge over each pier 18) 5 mm 19) 150
20) 20 Km. 21) 2 mm

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