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Promotion from Group ‘C’ to Group ‘B’ Indian Railway

Question Bank of Objective Questions

LEVEL CROSSINGS                                     Engineering Department

Q.1. What is the normal position of level crossing gate:
a. Branch line where Railway traffic is less and road traffic is more?
Ans.1a. Open to road traffic.
a. On main line, where TVU is more than 25000.
Ans.1 b. Open to road traffic.
a. On B-class level crossing with TVU less than 25000
Ans. 1c. Close to road traffic.

Q.2. What is the new criteria of classification of manned level crossings?
Ans.2. Class Criteria
Special- TVU>50,000
A TVU> 30,000
Line capacity utilization more than 80% (on single line) and road vehicle more than
B TVU>20,000 & road vehicle more than 7.50
C Under consideration of Railway Board.
Q.3 What is the minimum number of gatekeepers required in special class, A- class &
Ans.3 3 numbers in special class.
2 numbers in A & B classes.
Q4. How the TVU is calculated?
Ans. 4. The multiplication of total number of train units from both side and number of
road vehicle unit is cold TVU of level crossing.
Q.5. What is the distance of WIL Boards for unmanned level crossings on single line
section and where visibility is clear?
Ans. 5. 350 meters.
Q.6. What is the minimum distance of height gauge in case of level crossings?
Ans.6. Height gauge should be located at a minimum distance of 8.00 m from gate
Q.7 What is the minimum length of fencing parallel to track with each gatepost on
special &A class?
Ans.7. 15 meters
Q.8. What is the minimum length of fencing parallel to track with each gatepost on B &
C class?
Ans. 8. 15 meters
Q.9.What is the gradient of road on C-class level crossing gates?
Ans.9 1:15 is the gradient provided on ‘C’ class level crossing gates.
Q.10. Describe the types of gates are in Railway?
Ans. 10.There are two types of gates in Railway:
 Traffic gates
 Engineering gates
Q.11 What is the distance of speed breakers on the approaches of unmanned level
Ans. 11.Speed breakers are provided at a distance of 20 M from gate.
Q.12. What legend is written on stop Boards at level crossings?
Ans. 12.Stop, look out for trains before crossing in English, Hindi and Regional
language is written on stop Boards.
Q.13. What is the visibility requirements for unmanned level crossing for road users?
Ans. 13For new unmanned level crossing the visibility requirements for road users
along the track shall be 600 m with single or double line track.

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